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With the right mentorship, you can improve your career and gain more knonwledge. The timeline of acheiveing your dream is lesser and faster if you have the right guidance.

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We are solving all the problems of an International student throughout the study aborad journey by giving the right guidance from top mentors!

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Its a knowledge date!. Book One on One session with your mentor and interact directly to know more about programmes and clear all your doubts. Not everybody prefer group sessions, Right?. Have a private chat discussion post sessions and get full resources, links etc from the Mentor.

Edument Consultancy : One-Stop Study Abroad Solution For All!
Edument Consultancy : One-Stop Study Abroad Solution For All!


Get the premium benefits and a front row seat in all your live Masterclass sessions at an affordable price. Engage with everyone on the Masterclass and especially with Mentors to discuss all your needs on programmes. Get additional resources and links to immprove your skills from Mentors.


Live Webinars & Recorded Sessions

Enhance your knowledge by choosing the best programmes and join the perfect webinars with other intellectuals to gain more skills. Engage with everyone and ask questions on Live. If you missed it, we got you. Check the recorded live sessions and improve your skills and you get option to view anytime from anywhere.

Edument Consultancy : One-Stop Study Abroad Solution For All!

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I am so glad I came across ForeignAdmits. I was looking for a FOREX card for Germany and they had the best rate. They were also really helpful in answering all my questions and walked me through the process seamlessly. The whole experience was quite easy and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a card!

Edument Consultancy

Prachi Naikdhure


I can't thank ForeignAdmits enough. I was on a tight deadline and they got my loan done in just one day. They were able to get me a better interest rate than anyone else, and I am so grateful for their hard work.

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ForeignAdmits have been monumental in helping and guiding through my Master's journey. enrolled for services in 2019. The team has helped me in university shortlisting and finalizing the right fit university as per my profile. They are available any time you call which helped me get my applications done quickly.

Edument Consultancy

Shailesh Jadhav

Wayne State University (USA); Masters, Industrial Engineering